“PRAXIS" [prak-sis]: the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized.


Praxis provides an opportunity for students to meet Jesus and learn about His heart for musical worship, biblical justice, and community, in tangible ways. Praxis is a place to develop and raise up new leaders with versatile skill sets that can be practiced with excellence, as they grow in their awareness of self, of others, and of God.


As Jesus says, “Go and do likewise."

Justice Through Christ (JTC)

We believe that the gospel is incomplete without justice. Through prayer, personal story-telling, scripture's truths, and events rooted in social justice issues, our JTC chapter seeks to join in God’s desire and deep calling for justice.



Worship & Tech Team

How can we, through prayer and multi-ethnic and multi-cultural musical worship, lead others to encounter the greatness of God and practice Kingdom on earth?



Melinda Claros | mdclaros@ucdavis.edu

Hospitality & Admin 

Many of us desire to be welcomed, valued, and surrounded by friends and community. How are we welcoming others well? What are the best ways we can love and serve our community? How is the Gospel relevant to those who join us for fellowship? 



Hospitality - Taryn Lausch| talausch@ucdavis.edu 

Want to serve, but not sure how? We'd love to meet with you and help you discover how your passions and gifts intersect with God's will. 

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